3 simple content marketing tips for social media

Writing engaging content for your social media platforms is one of the biggest challenges that business marketers face in a day and age when online marketing is so innovative and constantly evolving.

How then can you keep up with your competitors and stand out from the crowd? It’s simple really, just go back to basics.

Here is my take on what engaging content actually is and how you can apply it to your social media platforms.

Engaging Content – What is this and what does it actually mean in terms of my consumers?

Engaging content in its simplest form is any written or visual element that creates a reaction from those who are exposed to it. Written and visual content usually work best together to help create thought-provoking, informative, and emotive posts that can encourage a consumer to interact through LIKES, SHARES, COMMENTS, TWEETS & RE-TWEETS to name just a few.

I always know when a post has performed well on any of my social accounts due to the sudden interruption on my mobile phone or laptop to alert me that I have new notifications from Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. I can with a degree of certainty guarantee that people love people in the marketing world. To clarify on this point they want to see a face behind the brand and if you can regularly apply this to your content creation for social media then you should start to find that the interaction from your audience will grow.

Now to apply this to your social media platforms

Step 1 – Consider your audience

It sounds obvious but you need to think about who are trying to reach and what do they actually enjoy reading about. No matter what your industry is, you need to adapt content that can interest your intended reader. This is where the balance between personal and professional content comes into play people love people. Post about your products, services, latest news but also who you are individual or team, what happens behind the scenes of your organisation, are you proud of any awards or have you been nominated, what charitable organisations you are involved in and what your team like to do to unwind – there is so much human interest that we forget about in the battle to market a business but it is humans we are trying to connect with.

Step 2 – Consider using images with every post

Images are one of the most powerful tools of the trade as they get people thinking about the subject matter and connected to the content immediately. Deciphering an image takes less time than reading tons of text so a short piece of text accompanied by a good quality relevant image will work wonders for your social media campaign. There are plenty of free stock images available online which will help to save money on your marketing and allow you to use photos and pictures more frequently.

Step 3 – What about video?

Have you ever thought about using people in your team to convey what you do and who you are as a business/brand through video. Video snapshots of a team member explaining a product or service, client testimonials, an update on industry news or some helpful tips and advice can all be linked from your social media to your website or blog. Here’s some great examples of video marketing campaigns in Hub Spot which can be adapted to suit your business and the messages you want to convey.

The tips above cover the basics of creating engaging content and there is so much more you can learn, it’s now up to you to decide how to make these part of your marketing strategy moving forward.

If you would like help with content marketing we offer a variety of managed packages tailored to your budget or can provide in-house training to teach you and your team the skills needed to create engaging content and manage your online marketing. Get in touch today on 07966 039740 or email info@getmarketingltd.co.uk.

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