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Get Marketing Ltd is a trusted digital marketing agency with a proven track record of achieving results.

We have a wealth of experience creating successful digital marketing campaigns for a range of clients, from SME’s right through to global organisations.

Our people have a real passion for what they do and we work with our clients to deliver a demonstrable return on investment.

So what’s holding you back? Let’s work together.


Sara Harding- Director

“I believe in taking a holistic approach to marketing my clients. To do this I need to truly understand what a client needs. This starts with learning how their business began, how they have developed their brand, and what their drive is for the future. Once I have this knowledge, I can create a bespoke marketing package that really shouts about their business and brand.

My clients benefit from the passion and dedication I have for helping them grow their business and it’s always a pleasure when they recommend me to others based on their experience of my company.

Over the years I have worked hard to build up a network of creative, professional and trusted associates who offer a scalable service wherever required.”


We are a powerhouse of creative ideas and we understand that when it comes to marketing your business, there isn’t a one size fits all approach.

We promise not to overwhelm you with industry jargon and endless data. We’ll provide accessible reports to show you tangible progress.

We fully integrate ourselves into your business and become an extension of your team to ensure that your marketing truly reflects your business and brand.


Emma Healy

Associate Copywriter

Emma offers the benefit of her creativity and copywriting skills and experience; getting to the heart of a company, its products or services, she crafts content that is polished, engaging, consistent and authentic – piquing the reader’s interest and giving them a reason to connect.

Clare Jones

Associate Video Marketing Specialist

Bright Light Film helps businesses make that all important step into video marketing. Video helps to create a relationship with a wider audience than is normally possible, developing audience growth, customer sales and brand loyalty.

Anna Ford

Associate Copywriter

With 15 years’ experience in communications, Anna writes copy for websites, social media posts, press releases and opinion articles. Anna loves working with clients to find just the right tone of voice, and message, to spark a connection with readers.



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